Quarry Brook Farms 2018 CSA Shares

Do you love the idea of feeding your family real, nutrient-dense foods from a family farm?

Food that heals.  Food grown by farmers you can meet, on a farm you can visit and consider "your farm" in a way?

Do you like the idea of CSA but the weekly commitment and 'mystery' of what will be in your share just isn't for you?

Or, do you get your fruits and veggies from a CSA and wish you could do the same for your meat and eggs?

A Quarry Brook Farms CSA share may be for you.

With it you can shop at our farm, in our online store, or at any of our farmers market booths to see what is in season and then get what you want, when you want it.

No weekly struggle to use up all the produce in your box, no weird veggies or things like liver and bones (unless you want them!), and no worries about scheduling what happens to your share if you leave town for a few weeks.

Pick up/farmers market locations in:


Steaks, sausages, no-nitrite bacon and hams, roasts, eggs, seasonal vegetables, potatoes, greens, garlic, wool, yarn, flowers...

Think of if kind of like a tab; you purchase a share now and we use your investment to buy seed, feed, all the things needed to keep a farm growing.

You then have the rest of the calendar year to use up your farm credit.

Love all the healthy foods and use your credit quickly?  No problem, you can recharge your share at anytime during the year.

The best part is you receive $10 in FREE product for every $100 you invest. 

You also help keep our family on our farm and land, growing real food for your family.  This will be our 9th year offering a CSA-our supporters make this happen.