Our Products and Practices

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The rest of this page goes more into depth on how we farm.


Grass fed and finished beef

The cattle are moved to fresh grass daily through-out the grazing season (typically April to November).  During the winter months, they have free-choice access to shelter and pasture, most of the time they choose to be outside unless the wind and snow/rain are really intense. They eat organic hay from our farm during the winter months and never receive grain.

We raise Devon and Devon-cross cattle, a breed known for maintaining a healthy weight and finishing well on 100% grass.  All the beef we sell is born and raised on the farm. We calve on pasture in the late spring, a system that mimics what would happen in nature. Our calves remain with their mother-cows until weaned, which promotes low stress in the herd, good growth in the calves, and good mothering skills in the young heifers. Devon cattle are also known for their calm demeanor and this is something we are proud of in our herd.  Our cattle are exceptionally calm, a good indication of low stress and careful selection for cattle that thrive in a managed grazing system.


Grass Fed and finished Lamb

Our sheep flock is also moved to fresh grass daily throughout the grazing season.  An all-grass and forage diet for sheep mimics what they would consume in nature and results in a more nutritious food product in the end.  Lamb is an excellent non-ocean source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is sometimes referred to as the 'salmon of the pasture'. 

During the winter months they have free-choice access to shelter and pasture and eat hay harvested from the farm.  The receive no grain.  We raise Clun Forest/Dorset/Border Cheviot crosses and over the last few years we have really focused on developing a flock that can flourish on our farm rather than maintaining a pure breed.  We lamb in late spring, on pasture, just like the sheep would do in a natural system.  The lambs are weaned naturally by their mothers and the flock remains together at all times.  They are protected from predators by two livestock guardian dogs named Marley and Poly.


Pastured, no-soy Pork

Our pigs root in our pastures and woodlots.  They are supplemented with certified organic feeds that are soy free. Every pig we raise is born on the farm.  We raise Tamworths, a heritage breed known to thrive on pasture and produce incredibly flavorful and healthy pork.  Pigs are truly intelligent and personable creatures so it is important to us that they are treated well.

  They get to live a life that allows them to express their true natures.  Our pigs do not experience confined, sterile lives inside buildings.  They are outside in the sun, mud, grass, and woods; rooting to their hearts' content and just being pigs.  We owe them that.

All sausages, bacon, hams and hocks are no nitrate, naturally smoked and made with Certified Organic herbs and spices.  


pastured, no-soy eggs

All of our poultry is raised on pasture, typically the laying hens will follow the grazing herds with their mobile chicken coop. Our birds are supplemented with certified organic, soy-free grains.  During the winter months, the laying hens move into their "winter house" where they still have daily free-choice access to the outdoors (and they go unless it's below zero or snowing like crazy!). We only raise meat chickens during the warm months, so we can have them on pasture from day one. 

We raise a diversity of laying hen breeds.  Currently we have Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons and Ameracaunas. Eggs are available almost year round, they may be scarce during the late summer/early fall when the hens are molting (shedding and growing new feathers) and preparing their bodies for the upcoming winter months.  We allow the hens to take this needed 'vacation time' so they will be healthier birds.


Organic Produce

While we are primarily a livestock farm, we also raise produce as it contributes to the diversity of our farm and is a great place to utilize all the fantastic compost our livestock creates.  In turn, the extra produce can go toward feeding some of livestock.  The pigs and chickens enjoy a variety of surplus produce from our gardens throughout the growing season.  

At the moment we do everything in our garden by hand, from prepping beds to planting, weeding and harvesting.  It's not the most efficient but it is pretty earth friendly and it helps us keep a close eye on everything (it also means we don't need gym memberships!).  We do grow pretty large quantities of garlic and potatoes so those are available in bulk. If you are looking for something in particular, please get in touch and we can let you know when it will be available.   Thank you!