The Following is a list of lamb cuts and products we carry throughout the year.  Please note availability of some items varies by season.  For a current list of available products and prices please visit our online Store (click 'ORDER HERE' button) or contact the farm. We are happy to let you know when something you're interested in will be available again, and even reserve a special cut for you. For fiber products, please see FLEECE AND FIBER page under PRODUCTS. Thank you!


Leg of Lamb Roast-Whole

Leg of Lamb Roast-Half

Rib Roast (Rack of Lamb)

Shoulder Roast


Bones for Broth





Ground Lamb

Lamb Stew

Spare Ribs




Shoulder Chops

Leg Steaks

Rib Chops

Loin Chops

Grass Fed Lamb

Certified organic and 100% grass fed

Quarry Brook Farms uses a rotational grazing system with its sheep as well as with its cattle.  Our sheep flock is moved to fresh grass daily throughout the grazing season (typically April to December for the sheep).  An all grass diet for sheep mimics what they would consume in nature and results in a more nutritious food product in the end.  Lamb is an excellent non-ocean source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is sometimes referred to as the 'salmon of the pasture'.

During the winter months they have free-choice access to shelter and pasture and eat hay harvested from the farm.  The receive no grain.  We raise Clun Forest/Dorset/Finn crosses and over the last few years we have really focused on developing a flock that can flourish on our farm rather than maintaining a pure breed.  We lamb in late spring, on pasture, just like the sheep would do in a natural system.  The lambs are weaned naturally by their mothers and the flock remains together at all times.  They are protected from predators by two livestock guardian dogs named Marley and Poly. Our sheep are wool producers and we shear in mid spring, as soon as it's warm enough and well before lambs arrive.  For more information about our sheep's wool, please see FLEECE AND FIBER page under PRODUCTS.