The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model is pretty simple:  Members sign up for a share of the harvest and contribute money to the farm before the season starts.  It is that money the farm uses to buy things like seeds, potting soil, row cover, additional fence, new high tunnel plastic, mulch, baby chickens, etc - all the many things it takes to get the farm up and running every spring.  So instead of having to apply for a loan at the bank, the farm turns to its community and then pays our community back over the season with farm fresh food.  
This membership relationship provides the farm with a secure market for our products and minimizes some of the marketing risks normally involved in farming.  In return, CSA members get to know where and how their food is grown and contribute to the health of their surrounding communities and ecosystems by supporting farmers that care for the soil and grow organic food.
Connect with your food.  Know your farmers. Know your farm.
Your investment helps a family farm to grow!

The Small  Print:

Members receive the CSA price on all items for the entire cSA SEASON.  CSA prices are a 5-20% discount from the retail market price.   Discount varies based on product type.
Quarry Brook Farms will provide you with a share of the harvest of a value equal to approximately 1/20 of your share total every week from the middle of June to the last week of october 2017, totaling 20 weeks.

1. Pick-up your share – Please select location: From the Farm on Tuesday, 4-6pm. Tuesday in Norwich from 4-6 pm. Thursday at the Clinton Farmers Market,Saturday at the Hamilton Farmers Market. If you are unable to pick-up your share or would like to switch your pick up location please provide advanced notice.  Shares not picked up will be donated at Quarry Brook Farms' discretion. 2. Discontinuing your membership is possible but refunds will not be given. 3. Quarry Brook Farms will make every effort to honor your dietary preferences.  If you do not eat a particular type of food please let us know.  We also urge you try our products prior to making your final decision. As much as possible, those with meat shares are allowed to select what products they want each week. 4. Farming with nature yields both great rewards and occasional hardships. Please understand that unforeseen and uncontrollable events such as crop failures or other challenges may alter the content of your share. By becoming a CSA member, you accept these risks. Thank you!

 Payments in full are very much appreciated, as that provides the farm with the funds we need to cover early season expenses such as seed and growing supplies.  There is a lot to getting the farm up and running each spring and CSA funds help us cover those costs.  Payment plans are also available and outlined on the Agreement/sign up sheet.  If those plans do not fit your needs, please contact us to discuss options that would work.  We want you to have access to good food!


VEGETARIAN:  Just Fresh PRoduce  $300/Share    

Bring home a half bushel box of fresh produce each week                                                                                                                                                                  

Omnivore:  meats & Fresh produce    $1000/FULL SHARE    OR   $700/PARTIAL SHARE

Bring home a half bushel box of fresh produce plus choose your meats/eggs each week

Full Omnivore shares have a $35 weekly credit toward the selection of meat/eggs

Partial Omnivore shares have a $20 weekly credit toward the selection of meat/eggs

Carnivore:     Just Meats    $700/Full Share    or    $400/Partial Share

Full Carnivore shares have a $35 weekly credit toward the selection of meat/eggs

Partial Carnivore shares have a $20 weekly credit toward the selection of meat/eggs  


Our shares are full for the 2017 summer season

Thank you for your support!

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