We are Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC.   Our beef cattle and sheep are also Certified Grass Fed by NOFA-NY, a further assurance to you that our ruminants (beef and sheep) are raised on 100% grass and hay; exactly what those animals are designed to eat by nature.

This farm has been raising food organically for decades. It all started almost 40 years ago when Adam's father, Steve, set out to raise clean food for his family.  Adam grew up on the farm and on that food and carries the organic philosophy forward to this day.  We chose to become Certified Organic in 2014. We feel it is an added assurance that we are farming in a way that keeps with the rhythms and rules of nature.  And we believe the organic movement is best represented by small farms with integrity.  The more of us "little guys" that can participate, the less that big ag can run away with what it means to be organic. 

Just remember, organic farming was just farming until recently.  If someone tells you that organic farming cannot feed the world, remind them that it did so from the beginning of agriculture until about the 1940's when conventional, monocultural, chemical-dependent farming methods arrived on the scene.  There is an option, it is a viable one, and we pursue it everyday on our farm.

Everything is connected.  Respect all life.